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Future-ready your data, today.

Quantum-resistant end-to-end
security software for critical data

Your data's future-ready armor

QuSec delivers more than robust security – it offers peace of mind. This all-in-one data security solution ensures you, your customers, and your employees are protected against current and future data security threats.


Pushing the boundaries of data security


At Chunk Works, we don’t just respond to the future; we build it. This bold cybersecurity approach anticipates and tackles the capability gaps of tomorrow. With QuSec™ you accelerate system integration and lay the groundwork for future data security improvements.

Simple, secure, and sophisticated

Enjoy a smooth transition to superior security without disrupting business continuity. Whatever your current setup is—cloud, on-premise, or IoT systems—QuSec is designed to run on it. Its unmatched crypto-agility helps you stay ahead of the curve.

One-click adaptability


Always be at the cutting edge of data security with QuSec’s One-Click Adaptability. Our solution’s modular design evolves with your business, scaling easily and updating to meet new standards. Choose a security system that grows and adapts to your needs.

Cutting-edge tech made easy

QuSec installs quickly on any infrastructure and serves as a security layer on top.
It offers:
  • Cutting-edge crypto-agility
  • Advanced hybrid encryption
  • NIST-certified post-quantum algorithms
  • Unparallelled everything-agility

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. QuSec adapts to secure your data against the unknown unknowns. Are you interested in staying ahead of the curve? With QuSec™, you can act now.


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