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*What is Q-day?

"Q-Day" is a hypothetical date when quantum computers can break most internet cryptography. Cybersecurity and technology discussions use it to describe this critical moment or turning point.

What is quantum computing?

Imagine a super-fast computer that solves puzzles faster than traditional computers. Quantum computers solve some complex problems—like encryption or weather prediction—faster than traditional computers because their qubits can perform multiple calculations at once instead of doing them bit by bit, like regular computers.

Can you help me?

Our QuSec™ software gives you peace of mind as well as strong security. This all-in-one data security solution protects you, your customers, and your employees from current and future threats. With it, your company is ready for Q-Day.

What can I do right now?


Identify the most sensitive data and protect it now, like IP, contracts, and customer data.


Include the threat in your risk management system and create a crypto inventory.


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Future-ready your data, today.

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Pioneering a future-ready infrastructure

"As the quantum era approaches, we're at a pivotal moment in cybersecurity. At Akkodis, we are bringing extensive knowledge in both cybersecurity and quantum computing services to our partnership with Chunk Works. Together, we are not only developing immediate defense mechanisms, but also pioneering a future-ready infrastructure capable of successfully countering quantum threats."

Presley PrescottVP Cybersecurity at Akkodis

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Dennis Schouten
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Stan Scharnigg
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