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What is Quantum Computing?

Imagine a super-fast computer that can solve puzzles much faster than the computers we use now. Regular computers use bits, like tiny switches that can be either off (0) or on (1). But quantum computers use qubits, which can be both off and on at the same time. This helps them solve difficult problems like encryption and weather forecasting.

But quantum computers are not going to be available soon?

Companies like IBM already offer quantum computing services, and they are improving, fast.

When do I need to be ready for this?

You should prepare for quantum computing threats like “store now, decrypt later” and Q-Day now. Starting when Q-Day suddenly happens means you'll be vulnerable and likely at the end of the line for any help from anyone.

What is Q-day?

The term "Q-Day" refers to a hypothetical future when quantum computers can break much of the cryptography protecting internet communications. This term is often used in cybersecurity and technology discussions to describe the critical moment or turning point.

What is store now, decrypt later-attack?

Data stored now is at risk, even if quantum computers can't break encryption yet. Attackers are already collecting encrypted data, to decrypt when quantum computers become available.

Can you help me with that?

Our software QuSec™ supports organizations to tackle today's and tomorrow's challenges in one software. Especially our cryptographic agility function is what other customers find most valuable. That is, you can switch the underlying algorithms in case these are not safe anymore.

I don’t want to have a complex solution. I want it fast and simple.

Our software can add security to your infrastructure instantly. Our partners will help you choose the right setup and get the best solution for current and future challenges. This gives you immediate security and time to consider the right strategy and rollout.

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