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How Chunk Works works

At Chunk Works, we believe anything is possible. Our futuristic view of cyber security enables us to anticipate tomorrow's capability gaps and technological demands while also addressing today's critical data security challenges.


Mirroring the legendary Skunk Works model by Lockheed Martin, we embody the same principles of small, efficient teams rapidly developing cutting-edge technology. This approach, known for fostering innovation, collaboration, and agility, enables us to revolutionize data security.


Empowering businesses to adopt quantum-secure, future-ready solutions maintains data security, resulting in a more secure and equitable digital future for all.


To create a world in which quantum-secure data is the norm and existing systems are ready to adapt to any emerging threat to data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Founding team

Dennis Schouten
Dennis Schouten
Partner manager & salesLinked In
Stan Scharnigg
Stan Scharnigg
Finance & operationsLinked In
Peter Willemsen
Peter Willemsen
Lead developerLinked In

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